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Vision 2020

Vision 2020 & the 12 Imperatives

(adopted by campus and the Board of Regents in 1999)

A culture of excellence will be the hallmark of Texas A&M University in 2020. Texas A&M’s energy and boldness will distinguish it, guide its decision-making, and empower it to continue to improve. Texas A&M’s vision for 2020 addresses, through careful and honest analysis, its strengths and weaknesses. It reflects a steadfast determination to build on strengths, eliminate weaknesses, seek opportunities, and face threats creatively and energetically. Texas A&M will create a culture of excellence that fulfills the need for an institution with quality of the first order. In 2020 Texas A&M University will be more distinctive than it is today. That distinctiveness will be created on a foundation of quality that is widely recognized and measured by world standards. Vision 2020 identifies twelve specific areas of focus, which are underscored as well-crafted imperatives that define accepted precepts and goals that the university will target over the course of two decades:

  1. Elevate our Faculty and Their Teaching, Research & Scholarship
  2. Strengthen our Graduate Programs
  3. Enhance the Undergraduate Academic Experience
  4. Build the Letters, Arts and Sciences Core
  5. Build on the Tradition of Professional Education
  6. Diversify & Globalize the Texas A&M Community
  7. Increase Access to Knowledge Resources
  8. Enrich Our Campus
  9. Build Community & Metropolitan Connections
  10. Demand Enlightened Governance & Leadership
  11. Attain Resource Parity with the Best Public Universities
  12. Meet Our Commitment to Texas