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Agriculture and Life Sciences

Welcome to the College of Agriculture and Life SciencesWelcome to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

“The land grant university system is being built on behalf of the people, who have invested in these public universities their hopes, their support, and their confidence,” said Abraham Lincoln upon signing the Morrill Act on July 2, 1862.

Excellence in Agriculture and Life Sciences

Texas A&M University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is a leading college of agriculture in the United States.  We seek to lead in both size and quality.  As a member of the Land Grant Universities, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences takes seriously its mission of teaching, research, and service to meet the needs of our growing and changing society.  We also seek to be efficient stewards of the resources provided to meet this mission and serve the many and diverse parts of society.

Effective planning, educational programs, research, and institutional management need key information for success and, therefore, we monitor a variety of important measures to help with these and to assure the confidence of public investment.   We strive for excellence and continuous improvement and want to demonstrate our progress in a transparent way through several measures.

Student Excellence

Students within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are expected to be able to demonstrate the core learning outcomes established by the university; mastering the depth of knowledge for a degree; demonstrating critical thinking; communicating effectively; practicing personal and social responsibility; demonstrating social, cultural, and global competence; preparing to engage in lifelong learning; and working collaboratively.  The College weaves these learning outcomes into a rich educational experience to produce the leaders of tomorrow.  Ways of tracking the achievement of these outcomes for our students include

  • Participation in High Impact Programs such as international experiences, internships/field studies, and research

  • Retention rates and time-to-degree information

  • Undergraduate and graduate student progression

Additionally, metrics on applied, admitted, and enrolled students, coupled with outreach data, show the College’s quest to attract the best students to its programs and make them successful.

Faculty Excellence

Faculty within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are committed to delivering the high quality teaching, research, and service that is the norm at Texas A&M University.  Ways of measuring this excellence include

  • Publications and citations

  • Awards

  • Research expenditures

  • Semester Credit Hours (SCH), Weighted Semester Credit Hours (WSCH)