Path Forward Undergraduate Retention & Graduation

First-Time, Full-Time Undergraduate Student Retention and Graduation Rates

The First-Time, Full-Time Undergraduate Student Retention and Graduation Rates report contains retention and graduation information for the most recent five terms of undergraduate student populations (cohorts) at the university level, the college level, and the departmental level.

First-Time in College Full-Time (FTFT) is defined as that first-time in college students who enrolled for 12 or more hours during their first semester at TAMU.

For each cohort the report shows one-year retention, four- to six-year graduation (as available), split by various demographic categories. Retention and graduation are calculated for each student based solely on Universal Identification Number (UIN). DARS constantly attempts to improve the accuracy of this report by updating the changed UIN’s (as well as previously used SSN and SID fields).

Only fall semesters are considered for retention calculations, however graduation data is taken from all three commencements during that academic year (December, May, August).

To access this report, click on the drop-down menu and/or the check box on the right side to select different criteria. Use the radio button to choose University-wide, College-wide or Department-wide numbers.