NSF Research Dollars

Research Dollars
Data provided by the VP of Research, report "NSF Higher Education R&D Survey - Allocated to Colleges, Department, Non-College (Dollars in Thousands)".

This report is published on a one year delay.  Information is updated in April.

Source of Funds
Federal - Any agency of the U. S. government, including federal funds passed through from another institution or sponsor.
All Other Sources - Includes funds from:

  • State and local government - Any state, county, municipality, or other local government entity in the United States, including state health agencies. Include state funds that support R&D at agricultural and other experiment stations.  State appropriations should be reported in this group.
  • Business - Domestic or foreign for-profit organizations.
  • Nonprofit organizations - Domestic or foreign nonprofit foundations and organizations, except universities and colleges.
  • Total Institutional funds - All R&D funded by your institution from accounts that are only used for research.  This would be designated funds such as indirect cost return incentive accounts or UAT accounts.
  • Other Sources - Funds from other universities and colleges that are not federal pass through.  Other sources not reported above, such as funds from foreign governments, foreign or U.S. universities, and gifts designated by the donors for research.