Geographic Distribution of Applied, Admitted, & Enrolled

Applied, Admitted and Enrolled

Applied and Admitted numbers include fall and summer applications received before the closing date. All applied, admitted and enrolled numbers are as reported to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) for the College Station campus.

First-time Baccaulareate: an undergraduate, degree seeking student who applied and enrolled in college for the first time regardless of whether the student has acquired college level credit through testing, advanced placement or summer enrollment. Also known as First-Time in College (FTIC)

First-Time Masters or Doctorate: a graduate student who has never attended another post-secondary institution at the same level for which they have enrolled. Also known as First-Time Graduate (FTG)

Transfer: A student entering TAMU for the first time but who is known to have previously attended another post-secondary institution at the same level. This does not include an institution’s own graduates who re-enter for further education. Primarily used for undergraduates. Graduate students rarely transfer into TAMU.

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