Degrees Awarded by Region

Degrees Awarded

This dashboard provides degrees awarded for the last ten certified academic years.  Filters are available by campus, degree level, college, department, major, STEM and first generation. 

First Generation

First Generation is only collected for undergraduate students. Any first generation numbers shown for graduate or professional degrees awarded are from students that attended as an undergraduate at TAMU.

Student Race/Ethnicity

Ethnicity/Race categories indicate the ethnic origin of the student. The student reports use the THECB categories. Students are classified as “International” if they are not citizens of the United States but are in the United States on a temporary basis and do not have the right to remain indefinitely.  Non-citizen students, who are lawfully admitted for permanent residence, or Resident Aliens, are reported in the appropriate racial/ethnic category along with United States Citizens. The unknown classification is reserved for US citizens that have not selected a racial/ethnic designation.
Starting in the Fall 2010 semester, in order to comply with the Federal mandate, THECB ethnicity/race reporting methodology changed in accommodate the new two part format. Part one is an indicator of Hispanic or Latino ethnic identity and the second part allows the student to indicate one or more races. In order to facilitate reporting and trend analysis, we mapped the old race categories into the most relevant new category.

The new categories are:

  • White Only
  • Black only +2 or more/1 Black (Any student selecting Black as a race.)
  • Hispanic or Latino of any Race
  • Asian Only
  • Native Hawaiian Only
  • Native American Only
  • 2 or more/excluding Black (Excludes students selecting Black as one of their races.)
  • International
  • Unknown or Not Reported

These changes should be taken into account when analyzing for trends.